Get records of a smart group in DT3

Since DT3 is out (well, available let’s say) im trying some new things, thanks to custom metadata (and don’t I love that). Smart groups are very useful in the UI, is it by some means possible to access them using AppleScript like regular groups? The smart groups I do have in DT3 seem to be not within a specific database so I’m not able to figure out how to access them.

Only smart groups inside databases are scriptable, the sidebar isn’t.

I can work with that. Say, is there any documentation about the search predicates for smart groups? As far as I read the DT3 AppleScript dictionary I can create (and delete) smart groups as easily as any other record, which is just awesome.

Which reminds me: DT3 is absolutely awesome. You did a terrific job here.

any documentation

There is the built-in Help, also part of the beta test.
Check out the Appendix and Automation chapters.

Yep, found it. I was searching for predicates, not prefixes. Sorry for bothering.

No worries at all.

And yeah, smart group predicates are one thing.
Search prefixes are another.