Get rid of the comma

I had to reinstall wordservice. Now when I insert a short date and time, I get 2014/07/03, 13:50:41. It used to insert 2014/07/03 13:50:41. Please describe a way to prevent the comma from appearing in the string. I looked in the package contents with Xcode but don’t know the program well enough to tamper.


Verify that System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced > Dates is configured to your liking.

Hi Korm:

Yes. Exactly. I have no comma’s in any of my Date and Time formats, yet it appears now as a separator between the two. I thought that someone had revised the service in some way.

Can you think of a way to remove it.

SP windows attached.
Times.tiff (90.4 KB)
Dates.tiff (98.5 KB)