Get UUID of latest added file in Global Inbox via url commands?


I am trying to build an iOS shortcut that:

  1. receives an URL from Safari
  2. opens that URL in DTTGs clipper via the “clip” URL command
  3. returns to the shortcut after the content of the URL is clipped
  4. fetches the UUID of the new document in DTTG
  5. fetches the content of said document
  6. saves said content in a OneDrive-folder

This might seem like a strange way of doing things, but it relates to some corporate restrictions I have regarding sync and my wish to clip articles to clutter-free markdown.

My problem, for now at least, is to fetch the UUID of the newly created document after step 3 above. I simply cannot find any way to fetch the UUID of the latest created document via the “search” URL command. As I understand it, the “clip” URL command does not provide any x-success parameters that can be used for this purpose.

Does anyone have any suggestion to how one might do this?

Or more generally, how to clip clutter-free markdown documents from URL within a iOS shortcut? I prefer using DTTG for this because it has proven to be a more stable solution then ie. solutions.

The next major release of DEVONthink To Go will have Shortcuts integration that should make this much easier to accomplish.