Get veritrope script save browser tabs to DT to work?


Please bear with me, I’m new to scripting and such. I’d like to use some of these scripts:

Reading up on the Veritrope scripts, I was looking to get this to work using Alfred.
Any other way is welcome too, but I started to use Alfred (powerpack) with the idea to make this more easy… :confused:

I’m working on OS X 10.6, DT Pro 2.7.6 and Alfred.
I can open and look at the script in Alfred workflows, but when I try to run it, nothing seems to happen.
This is how I try to run it:
option - space (call Alfred) + ctd (chrome to devonthink)
But then nothing happens…
Maybe it’s due to 10.6?

Thanks for helping out!

Contact Justin Lancey (“Veritrope”) at his site or Tweet him for support. You are running outdated versions of OS X, DEVONthink (and perhaps Alfred?).