geting sorter to save as webarchive from chrome

Hi all,

Not sure if this is a google chrome issue or what but I noticed (due to my net being down earlier today) that since about june this year all the stuff I save via dragging a url to sorter from the chrome address bar is saved as bookmarks.

Not good for offline use!

Is there a way to make these save as web archives ?

Prior to this date all my stuff was web archive but I used to use firefox and so not sure if the browser change is the problem here ?

Any clues / work round / solutions please ?


Not sure if I am understanding the question, and I have not used chrome in a few weeks, but IIRC, I did not use the sorter when using chrome. I used one of the bookmarklets from: … tml#jmp0

Basically just copy it into the bookmark bar, then click it to save as a archive (or whichever bookmarklet you use). I guess it changes workflow a little bit, but no additional time.

I also have just used the base plug in for chrome, which when installed (like for safari), creates a clickable “bookmarklet” which wyou can click then choose what you want to save as.

I just opened and tested the bookmarklet in chrome. Just dont bother in a current version of firefox, it crashes pretty hard.