Getting Content from Windows to Devonthink

I use Apple exclusively for my personal use (Mac and iOS) and have Evernote Premium. I’m looking at moving to Devonthink Pro, but I have a Windows 10 PC at work. I will frequently need to get content from there to Devonthink. This will mostly be web pages (I really like Evernote Clipper’s simplified web page option), but will occasionally be documents, some fairly large (so no email attachment).

I’ve thought of a multitude of ways this could be done, but there’s a problem with each one. Before I go off reinventing the wheel, I thought I’d ask here. There must be a multitude of people who have had this dilemma. I tried searching, but the keywords are too common (windows!) to be effective.

The tools I have available are: Dropbox, Hazel, Keyboard Maestro, and a few others.

So, any help is appreciated.


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You could use DEVONthink’s File > Import > Notes from Evernote command. You’ll need to have the Mac Evernote client installed and synced before attempting this.

Documents you could export to Dropbox (drag from Documents in Windows Explorer into Dropbox), and then on the Mac side import from Dropbox or index them.

Emailing documents to yourself is a slow, messy process so you’re right to assume it’s not workable.

You could create a folder in DropBox specifically for any files you want to add from Windows.
Set up Hazel to watch this folder and run an AppleScript that moves any file you save there into your Devonthink inBox (or any other group of your choosing). Then move the file to trash.

example AppleScript:-

tell application “DEVONthink Pro”
set theDoc to get record at “/Inbox” in database “My Docs”
import theFile to theDoc
end tell

Replace “/Inbox” with group of your choice and “My Docs” with the name of your database.

Hope this helps