Getting content into DTTG

I just downloaded DTTG to my iPad from the App Store. I don’t see how I get my content into it. Can anyone tell me?


Maybe read the Help file and then come back if you run into problems?

I didn’t find the help files until after I posted this, even though I looked.

I got my first personal computer in 1979. In the intervening 38 years I’ve learned about reading help files (and googling it) before writing to a forum.

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, unlike on the Mac, there’s no standardized Help facility on iOS. Apple simply assumes that all iOS apps could be understood without any documentation. Which might be true for Calculator but unfortunately not the more complex apps. We hoped that the question-mark button would be an appropriate place.

You’re right, Eric, the question mark is a quite reasonable place to put the help information. I don’t know where else would make sense.

I just missed it completely. I shouldn’t have.

Thanks for the response.