Getting DT somehow synced with files in Finder

Ive been bouncing back and forth between Finder and DT. When I scan documents, I’ll first place them in the Finder and then copy them over to my DT database. In the event of forgetting to copy over to DT, is there a way to run some sort of sync within DT on certain Finder folders rather than visually scanning all the files to see what ones are missing in DT?

There isn’t a sync with the Finder. (Not intending to be pedantic, but proper terms help keep the discussion focused on the right topic.) Sync is a very specific operation in DEVONthink.

DEVONthink doesn’t monitor any external locations. However, you can use our Folder Actions with Pro and Pro Office to effect some semi-automatic importing. The Folder Actions are typically installed when you first launch DEVONthink, but you can install them from DEVONthink Pro (Office) > Install Add-Ons. After they’re installed…

  1. Right-click an empty folder in the Finder. This will be the folder that receives files to be imported into DEVONthnk.
  2. Choose Services > Folder Actions Setup .
    (Note: macOS 10.14 Mojave will ask whether to allow this action or not. Allow it. Also note, it will ask every time you call open Folder Actions Setup, and this is under Apple’s control, not ours.)
  3. Select the desired script from the list of scripts that appears and okay it…
  4. Quit Folder Actions Setup.
  5. Drop a file into the folder and the Folder Action should trigger soon after.
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Thanks for the explanation. I do have DT Pro office so that would be an option. I know DT isn’t meant to serve as a Finder, but it is becoming that for me to where I have imported many of my files from Finder.

Create a folder on desktop for instance and right mouse click. Use Finder action add. After that a kind of editor will be displayed. Left hand site press + sign and choose Devonthink - action. Once done, all new documents in this folder will be transferred to DTPO once it is open.

Hope that helps

Just trying this on an existing folder. When right-clicking, the only action related to DT is in Services-Add to DT. I don’t see anything to do with Finder action add.

Finder action add.

It’s not Finder action add.

You should see Services > Folder Actions Setup.
If you don’t you need to enable it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > Files and Folders.

Ok. I got a file to import but only to Inbox. Selecting Import to Selected Group doesn’t seem to do anything. Just plain Import does, but only to the Inbox. I assume I should have “Enable Folder Actions” ticked in the upper left. I don’t see where to Select a group as to where it is supposed to go in DT.

Figured it out. Found that I had to go into DT Prefs and choose Select Group on Import.