Getting Duplicates with Scheduled Search Set

Set up a custom search set to run once a week–my results this week are the same 30 items found last week. Not sure what I am doing wrong…

  • Why do you have have so many actions running: Archive results, Add results, Send mail, Execute script?

  • How are you determining these are the same results weekly?

  1. Archive results so that previously retrieved results are excluded from future searches (I run the search weekly looking for new research).
  2. Add to DT since that’s where I work through them.
  • Summary results are added to the global inbox, a smart rule tags and groups them. In the morning, I review each result, download and markup PDF of articles I’m interested in, add to Zotero. Add markdown notes with the important citations from the article to my research database.
  1. Send email was a left over piece that was part of troubleshooting/developing workflows (previously was using Google Scholar alerts, so got an email to work through, now trying to do it in DT) when setting up the search set–don’t need it going forward. Will turn it off.
  2. Execute script Not sure–there is no script selected, I think an errant click turned it on. Will turn it off.
  1. When I moved them from the inbox into my database, DT identified all of the new items as duplicates.
  2. I recognize the articles as ones I read last week, and it turns out the week before.

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 10.22.56 AM

My search set ran again this morning as scheduled–and I got just a few new results and 30ish results that are duplicates from the previous searches. It’s easy to see which ones are duplicates so that I don’t need to review them–but I wonder if I’m doing something wrong that it’s not filtering previous results out…

Have you looked at the Archive folder in DEVONagent to verify they’re being written there?

Yes, they are being added–and GAH! I ran it again tonight and got 12 brand new results, no duplicates…so maybe there were a bunch of versions of some of those earlier results and I finally got through them.