Getting multiple web archives at once

How do I get multiple web archives without having to deal with each URL individually?

It seems that I should be able to select multiple bookmarks already in DEVONthink and click on the Web Archive toolbar button or right-click on Capture Web Archive or use the Create Offline Archive script. But these options either are disabled, not there, or simply don’t work when I am selecting multiple bookmarks instead of just one.

I tried using the Download Manager. It supports multiple bookmarks, but it appears not to support saving in the web archive format.

I also tried dragging multiple URLs from Finder and Safari to DEVONthink and holding down different modifier keys to get them added as standalone web archives, like with Yojimbo.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I have to work with a lot of web pages so having to do them one at a time would be a deal-breaker.

See viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7106.