getting started - DTPO group triggered script - move item >

I’m having a hard time to get this going.
Scouring the forum for hours now.

Could someone point me to or get me going to create a script attached to a (smart) group that will:

  • filter on tag = present
  • tag = equal to 'devonthink"
  • move all items to: database named ‘devonthink’ into group ‘inbox’

I found some script on the forum, but it uses consolidate / deconsolidate, and also synchronize, but I’m not sure if this is suitable.
Also had a look at the Apple Script library, move, but this does not shed much light to my weary brain… :confused:

consolidate / deconsolidate are used for indexed files - moving them in and out of a database, not for moving files within a database.

(Sorry. Short on time at the moment but wanted to steer you away from the wrong verbs. :smiley: )

Here’s a quick code snippet, not error-trapped and potentially not the quickest method, but it should work…

on triggered(theTriggeredItem)
	tell application id "DNtp"
		set childRecords to (children of theTriggeredItem)
		repeat with thisRecord in childRecords
			move record thisRecord to incoming group of database "iPhone database"
		end repeat
	end tell
end triggered


Thx a lot. Have to go myself now. Will be travelling the next couple of days so don’t know when I can testdrive this. Will let you know.

If somehow you have more time available don’t hesitate to elaborate.

Much appreciated!

Tested and confirmed working! :laughing:
At least a starting point!

One other thing I was wondering:

  • I know these type of scripts need to be triggered by entering or touching the folder / group

Would it be conceivable to do this differently?

  • thinking of external aids or utilities style Keyboard Maestro
  • background: set up a scan to DTPO workflow that works autonomously. And keeping my inbox at zero. Idea would then also be that the scanner would be linked to an always on mac mini, and from there I would then sync (for the time being set on webdav) to other / my machines


Conceivable? Yes. However, I try to not rely on any external dependencies. No slight against Hazel / Keyboard Maestro / etc. but my focus is generally geared toward making use of what is available on a base install of OS X.

On a side note: Be cautious with concepts like “autonomous”. This is much more difficult to achieve in a reliable fashion unless the system is well-conforming or you are making compensations to input to conform it. Also, no matter how “autonomous” it seems, a computer still has no ability to truly abstract information so the depth of the workflow may remain far shallower than hoped for to ensure “reliability”.

I agree.

From my point of view, at the moment I’m trying to grasp scripting as a whole, scripting DTPO specifically, extending to other apps in the workflow.
Also in process to obtain a scansnap and this will be part of it.

Idea is also to use a tickler like folder structure, keeping scan e.g. one month or a year span.
But automation would send me timely reports: so many scans still waiting checking, archival, backup & deletion.
Idea would also be to possibly keep paper copies in the same tickler like style, and at certain turnover schedule -> ready for recycling or waste

Nevertheless thank you for rightfully warning.

Looking forward to your further exploring these possibilities if possible with sole use of DTPO and OS capabilities.