Getting Stuff Out of DT - Newbie Question

What is the best way to get multiple documents out of DEVONthink Pro Office? I want to collect several documents for our CPA (bank statements, scans of all those year end statements for contributions etc.)

Normally I would use Adobe Acrobat to combine them all into one or two files and email that to the CPA. I’m not sure how to do it in DT. I’m trying to avoid emailing 20 individual files. All I’ve found is the “open with” menu that would let me open into Acrobat. Is there a better way? Can I combine pdf’s in DT?

Yes, you can merge multiple PDFs in DEVONthink. Put them into the desired sort order, select them and choose Data > Merge.

You can drag multiple selected documents from a database onto the Mail icon in the Dock. A new message will be created containing the attachments.

Nice! What a great feature. I knew there had to something like that in here somewhere.