Getting url instead of pdf

I know this is an old topic, much discussed, but it’s still not resolved for me. In Safari, using Clip to DT, I frequently get an url instead of a pdf on the first try. On the second try, I often get the pdf I asked for. My routine is to clip twice, then look in DT to see what got saved. Sometimes I get two urls; I think that means it’s all I can get, which I accept. But very often it’s an url first and a pdf second. I delete the url and keep the pdf.

Restarting DT doesn’t fix it. Rebooting doesn’t fix it.

Have I missed hearing about a solution?


I have had the same issue for years, whether from the sorter, or from DevonAgent. Usually if it’s a URL, i use CONVERT TO PDF and that works. If I can only get URL, then I use PRINT TO DEVONTHINK and that almost always solves it. Not a fix, but an acknowledgement that it’s not just you.

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As has been mentioned many times on the forums, there is no bug in getting a bookmark. If there is an issue clipping the page, a bookmark is captured so at least there’s something. There is no 100% bulletproof clipping (and even Evernote isn’t 100%). Your WiFi or the network between you and the remote server, as well as the responsiveness of the server all plays a part.

What is a problematic URL?

Thanks. I guess you’re saying there are lots of variables, including network quality. That makes sense. I have lousy internet and yes, I get pdfs unpredictably. The only consistency is what I mentioned above. First try, I get an url; second try a few seconds later, a pdf.

Usually if I try several times, I’ll get a pdf. And for what it’s worth, I can live with it. I’m asking mainly because I don’t want to miss out on an effective solution.

Many urls have done this to me. Here are a few.