Github Flavored Markdown Support

Loving DEVONthink 3 Pro! Amazing work!

I have used the new CSS feature which is absolutely fantastic, now it is super easy to style all the Markdown files.

Is it possible to use GitHub Flavored Markdown? I am looking to write lists/tasks within markdown files and some of the GitHub flavor functions would be nice.

Here is a link to the GFM extension on Markdown:


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DEVONthink 3 uses like version 2 MultiMarkdown (currently version 6.4), therefore this is currently not possible.

Huh. Cool! DT3 supports {==highlighting==} (I know that won’t work here, but it does in DT3) and other CriticMarkdown tools as per the MultiMarkdown user guide.

That said, I’ll throw in that I, too, would love task lists in the Markdown parser. Alas.

+1 for task lists in DT3 markdown using the - [ ] notation. Thanks!

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I would contact the developer of MultiMarkdown regarding this, so the support would be official to the flavor we’re using.

Adding custom extensions in-app is less preferable as they are often not portable to other applications.

Of course it’s possible, now whether you guys want to do it or not is another story :wink: It would be possible to allow Markdown renderer switching as a preference for example to support GFM rendering vs MultiMarkdown (Marked does this for example). Given the main audience it seems DT has (not coders) I get why you guys chose MultiMarkdown. I suspect that Fletcher Penney has been asked for this over the years and we’re at MultiMarkdown 6 and it’s still not there :wink:

Just for future reference…

I was doing a bit of experimenting today. Brett Terpstra’s excellent Marked 2 gives the best of both worlds for those that really want todo items if you’re willing to use a separate previewer. It supports both MultiMarkdown and GFM (via the Discount renderer). As an added bonus you get todo items even with MultiMarkdown running as the preferred renderer. Not sure how he does that but its pretty sweet (there is an option in preferences for Render GitHub checkboxes).

If you want true GFM you can switch to the Discount renderer. Either way you’re pretty much covered.

I have a 27" iMac so using DT and Marked side-by-side is pretty easy. Marked uses the right third of the screen and DT uses the left 2/3rds. Works well and Marked updates every time DT saves the Markdown file.

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