Github keeps DT busy

I noted that Devonthink (V 3.9) kept one core of my 10-core MBP (M1 Max) 100% busy even though nothing of significance was going on. An idling DT typically only uses a few % of one core. Turns out, the document selected in the DT window was a web location pointing to a GitHub page, and the page is rendered (e.g. in Standard or Widescreen view). I found that puzzling, as GitHub seems to serve essentially static html. Displaying non-GitHub webpages, even with dynamic content does not grab any significant CPU share. Is the GitHub page doing something in the background? If I open the same page in Safari, CPU usage stays low. So it’s a combo of GitHub and DT webview that hogs reliably 100% of a core. I tried several different GitHub projects and this happens in all cases.

It’s not just static HTML. There is JavaScript active on the page.
Development will have to look at this and see if there’s anything that can be done on our side.

Yeah, my “essentially” is doing a lot of work there. I looked at the source, and indeed there is tons of stuff in there. So likely some Javascript trips something up in DT but not in Safari. With my current machine it’s not a big deal, with one core being maxed out, but on my previous 2 core MacBook, that would essentially shut down the machine, as the second core was reasonably busy just with system stuff.

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I have alerted Development with a process sample while browsing GitHub in DEVONthink. They’ll assess the specifics better than I can :wink: