Give spotlight "placeholder files" icon preview

I’m planning to use DT and Leap side-by-side since sometimes I want to cross cut throught the hierarchical organisation of files and find files with Leap.

Once I import files into DT, though, Leap only sees the placeholder files that DT creates to make its database searchable by Spotlight. These files don’t have the same filetypes as the original files they represent and therefore, there’s no correct file icon (nor content preview in the icon).

Would it be possible (feasible) to give these placeholders a proper icon and preview? This would much improve DT’s integration with other apps and OSX.

See an example here:

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch

You’re going about this in the wrong way. Search for “index” vs. “import” on this forum or online help. By indexing these files you can have your cake and eat it too (like I do at the moment with my freshly made strawberry cake).

So I understand this. Is there a way to change the ~3,000 PDFs I have in DEVONthink Pro from “imported” to “indexed” easily? I can’t see any easy way to do this (like Aperture’s “referenced” masters), it looks like I have to export, then delete the stuff in the database, and then index what I exported?

Plus, when stuff is indexed, if you move it via Finder or Leap, DEVONthink’s gonna lose track of it, no?

I’m in the same boat as CatOne - I want DT to manage my files but I also want to find them in Leap sometimes.

Correct, I was referring to new material not existing documents that have been imported already.

I know this thread died in may but I too would love to see if there was a way to show the icon previews of the files in a Devonthink Database so I could use other programs to access them and then launch them in devonthink If I wanted to do so quickly (like in Leap). Great stuff so far guys!