Glitch in Markdown Highlights?

When using the new highlight syntax ==text== , the source view only highlights “ext” and the Document Annotations pane also shows only “ext”. The rendered Markdown, however, correctly highlights “text”.
If I type == text== (i.e. put a space before the intended highlight), the highlight appears correctly in all three instances.
Is this the intended behavior?
I should add that I am using a custom CSS style, but I don’t think there is anything in the style that would cause this behavior.

The standard CriticMarkup syntax for highlighting is {{==words==}}.
Do you see the same issue with that? (I’m AFK so I can’t check right now.)

Well, you’re right, in that adding the braces produces the expected highlight in the source view and the annotation pane. Alas, it doesn’t produce any highlighting at all in the rendered Markdown.
Thinking it might be a style sheet issue, I deleted my custom CSS, but the same results occur with no style sheet specified. (FWIW, ^^text^^ produces the same highlighting results as ==text==.)
So, it seems like the following summarizes the different scenarios:

  1. ==text== produces correct highlight in rendered Markdown, but not in source view or annotation
  2. == text== produces correct highlight everywhere
  3. {{==text==}} produces correct hightlight in source view and annotation pane, but displays as {{==text==}} in rendered Markdown pane with no highlighting at all.

All of this seems independent of whether I use a custom CSS or not.

Thanks for the notes and investigation. I’ll have a look.

No but the next release will fix this.