Glitchy markdown when highlighting in a blockquote

I’'ve noticed that using highlight markdown: {==highlighted text==} or ==highlighted text== interferes with the way DT presents text in the native MD Source editor. As I scroll it switches back and forth between rendering the text in italics, and changing the margins.

It renders fine in the MD Preview.

Screenshot: Keeps the italics: This is correct, in my view

Screenshot: Losing the italics & the blockquote

Screenshot: Loses the highlight:

Raw Markdown:
Coolahan (1981-208) - Leaving Cert common level (1.4 KB)

In the document there’s a glitch, in one case the highlight begins with == but ends with ==}. This confuses both DEVONthink and MultiMarkdown, the rendering is therefore also not correct:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-17 um 10.33.40

Not sure about the other cases, could you please provide the documents too? Thanks!