Global and Database tags

I’m new to DT and setting up a workflow. My first step with items in the Global Inbox is to add tags before moving the item to a database group.

Having created a simple hierarchy of tags under ‘Inbox’, I’d assumed that the tag hierarchy would be maintained in the Database.

e.g., I have an invoice in the Global Inbox tagged with ‘invoice’ from the hierarchy:
work admin > financial > invoice

However, after adding the tag, I move the document to a database group and three separate tags are created; ‘work admin’, ‘financial’ and ‘invoice’.

I can copy the hierarchy list of tags from the Global Inbox to the relevant database but would need continue to do that manually in order to get consistency.

I must be missing something in the management of tags. I haven’t found a way to manage tags consistently across the Global and other databases but I’m sure it must be possible. Otherwise, every time I move a document with tags it’s going to mess up the tag hierarchy in the destination.

Any help or advice for how I might manage tags in a more consistent fashion would be really appreciated.

Welcome @gavingough

Development would have to assess this but the current behavior is not a bug.
One obvious option would be to import to each database’s Inbox and tag the items there.

PS: Are you using the invoice tag in more than one hierarchy?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve established what I think is a usable tag hierarchy, without duplicates. As you say, I can import into one database Inbox and then providing the document never moves out of that database, the tags will remain intact.

I don’t think it’s a bug but I can’t see an advantage to tags not retaining their relationship with their parent tags when a document is moved. Essentially, tags are changing when a document is moved, which would seem to defeat the purpose of adding tags in the first place.

I can alter my workflow to get around this but I think there might be a better way of managing tags between databases. Perhaps having the option to create a single list of global tags would be helpful?

No problem!

Actually the tags themselves aren’t changing. The same tags still apply to the files in the destination database. The only difference is the cosmetics of the hierarchy in the Tags group for the database and the lack of inheriting parent tags when applying a child tag.

In the latter point, I can see where this could be an issue but again Development will have to asssess this. Cheers!

I think the route of least resistance is to simply have one level of tagging and forego the hierarchies. I’m considering moving from Evernote so this is the level of tagging I’m familiar with.

The option to employ a hierarchy was an attractive one but as the parent/child tag relationships aren’t maintained when a document is moved, I can live without it.

Thank you for the quick reply. You’ve confirmed my suspicion and at least I know I haven’t overlooked an alternative. Cheers!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Development has plenty on its plate but they’ll surely see this thread.

Stay safe and well!

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