Global Inbox as Main Database

Hello everyone,

I have been using DTPO for a few months now, & let me just say I really love it. I am in law school & mainly use the application for that. However, I am progressively migrating everything to it, to use it as a finder replacement. I mainly group everything as I am going along, & have my groups set up to create tags. I also have the togo software for my iPad/iPhone. I have a “sync” tag that I append onto anything i want to transfer to my mobile devices, & will just drag it into the mobile sync folder of a “sync” database I have created. Irrespective of Devonthink, I keep my library folder visible. I am very neurotic about my law school data, and keep a pretty stringent backup procedure. Basically, can anyone see any real shortcomings to using my Global Inbox as my main database?

Thanks a lot.

Other than buying the iceberg and only using the tip? :confused: No, there’s no shortcoming.

Indeed, doing so you don’t use all the power of the software. For my part, I use the Global inbox only as a temporary inbox.

Look here :

Thanks for the info guys. I am happy my database isn’t going to collapse. Law school does this sick thing to you, where you feel like you are royally screwing yourself if you’re not constantly reading cases to derive applicable law. Solid organization is also critical, but you can end up in the trap of thinking you are doing well by organizing. This starts to feel like procrastination and you realize you still have hours of reading that need to be done. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. I realize that things could be organized better, but just don’t have that luxury right now. I need an organization system that can keep up with me. There’s always the summer…

When you’re ready to venture beyond the Global Inbox, just create a new database(s) and drag, move, or copy everything from the Inbox to the destination database(s).