Global Inbox DTPro

I am not a big user of DTPro but whenever I drop something into the global inbox and then look at the Inbox I end up with a load of folders all called Archive (1) and each of them contains a folder called INBOX.mbox (0).

To give an example I recently put one pdf document in the global inbox via the screenTab (the thing that sits at the left side of the screen) and along with that pdf now are 9 Archive folders as above each with a folder in them and the item count for the inbox stands at 19. The Global inbox was empty after the last time I cleared it out and deleted all the Archives!

Any ideas what is going wrong? Any help appreciated!

I have just realised that the Global Inbox creates a new Archive (1) folder with the INBOX.mbox (0) folder inside each time I quit DTPro or open it.

Surely it shouldn’t be doing that


Please quit the Sorter & DEVONthink, then delete the folders ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox and ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter and finally launch them again. Does this fix the problem?


Thanks for your help

Yes, it works as it is not creating the Archive files anymore when I open and close DTPro.

Is it possible to get the sorter back, or will that just create the problem again?

Launching the Sorter shouldn’t reintroduce the problem.