Global Inbox gone


With the upgrade to 2.5 (or maybe it was setting up Dropbox syncing?), my Global Inbox is no longer global - it appears just as a normal database along with the others I have. Have I done something to cause this and is there a way to revert it back as I liked having a separate ‘dumping’ area for files, etc.


Have you rebooted your machine? If so, send a screen capture to DEVONtechnologies Support Ticket System.

Thanks - I have just submitted a ticket with screen grab.

P.S. yes - I’ve rebooted multiple times since and the same occurs.

Further to this, I’ve noticed that everytime I start DTP I get a window that says:


Database couldn’t be created!

Generally, that message that a database can’t be created means that either you have run out of free disk space, or you don’t have OS X Sharing & Permissions access to write to the location at which the database would be created.

Thanks Bill. I have plenty of disk space and I haven’t (at least to my knowledge) changed permissions for anything. I recall it happening after I setup the new sync…