Global Inbox in Finder, but not in DT3

I created the DevonThink Inbox in my Finder … but files I put in there do not show up in the Inbox inside DevonThink. I even did a search for them inside DT3, and they’re not there. But they’re still sitting in the Finder’s DevonThink Inbox. Am I doing something wrong?

More info:

The files do show up in the folder: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink3/DevonThink Inbox.

But they’re still not visible anywhere in the DevonThink app. I’ve even entered their names in Search, to no avail.

I created the DevonThink Inbox in my Finder


That simple question “How?” just solved it.

I had installed the add-on, to get “Inbox” in my Finder sidebar, but then renamed it “DevonThink Inbox”. So I just removed that, copied “Inbox” from ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink3, and now it works fine.


Yep. You should never rename the Inbox in the sidebar.