Global Inbox issues

I had issues with syncing and ended up moving the Global Inbox from its default location. I seem to have ended up with two ‘inbox’ locations i.e. Inboxes > Inbox.

Is there a way to restore the default configuration?

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 20.51.26

There is nothing wrong here. The Inboxes list the inboxes of all open databases, including the Global Inbox.


However, if I open the Global Inbox database and the Notes database I see three inboxes.
Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 21.16.56

I was expecting something like the DEVONthink promotional screenshot below.

Again, nothing wrong. That’s nothing more than a changed name. In fact, if you sync with another device with a changed or different name on the Global Inbox, that name will be synced as well.

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Thanks again @BLUEFROG.

My sync confusion originated (I am guessing) by opening and syncing an older Global Inbox database from version 2.x from my local directory and then I had more than one ‘global inboxes’ however only one was syncing and I couldn’t recall the default configuration.

In any case, good to know there’s nothing wrong with my setup. It avoids me doing an unnecessary nuke and pave reinstall. Thanks for the quick response.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

It avoids me doing an unnecessary nuke and pave reinstall.

By the way, this should not be one of your first reactions. Reinstallation is not an early troubleshooting option. It should be reserved for much later in the process. This is especially true if your thinking about using an uninstaller utility for the uninstall (and no, we generally don’t recommend using such utils). There are always other steps to take and questions to ask before you start thinking about reinstalling.