Global Inbox missing in iPhone’s native Files app

I’ve recently upgraded to a new iPhone with iOS 16. For scanning on the phone I used to navigate to the iPhone and scan to the Inbox folder. This is now missing?

Any ideas how to bring it back?

Did you enable it in the sidebar of

Duh no :blush: Thanks @BLUEFROG Bluefrog

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

This thread let me discover the scanning feature, I didn’t know about! Great that you can scan directly into DEVONthink this way! I am unfortunately slow in discovering new features.
Here comes a follow-up question: when I look at the scanned document in the Files app, I can choose the text. I suppose this is due to the live text feature.
When I look at the document in DEVONthink, there’s no text layer. Is there any way to automatically apply OCR to scanned documents coming in this way in Devonthink on iOS? Or is the only way to do it manually?

I just discovered that documents scanned with the Files app are three times bigger than when I use ScannerPro, which I have been using until now. Three times bigger is quite a lot. Maybe the Files app is not so good for scanning after all?

It’s only manually done at this time.