Global inbox not syncing properly


I sync my files using iCloud (CloudKit) between an iMac (Intel), an M1 MB Air and an iPad Pro. The Macs run the current macOS, the iPad the latest iPadOS. The databases sync correctly, however, the global inbox does not. iPad and Air sync properly, but the iMac does not. Yesterday, I filed away a lot of files from the Global Inbox on my iMac to the according databases and some of them still show up on the other two devices’ inboxes. However, I can also find them in the databases. I made sure to wait until the sync completed and even verified the databases and the inbox with no suspicious occurrences because I already had the issue before (at this time, verifying + repairing solved the issue).

I use DT 3.8 on both devices and the most recent DTTG version.

Any ideas? Thank you so much!

As can be seen by other posts here, Apple’s CloudKit has a mind of its own about completing syncs. Until resolved, if all your devices on the same local network, perhaps add in the Bonjour sync method provided by DEVONthink. Normally more reliable and faster than Apple’s CloudKit anyway.

In addition to seeing instructions in the “DEVONthink Handbook”, also see Bonjour Simplified

No need to turn off Apple’s CloudKit while also having Bonjour. It might eventually work. But at least with Bonjour you can get all synced and get on with the more important stuff.


Thank you, I didn’t know that Bonjour and CloudKit could coexist.