Global Inbox not working anymore

Hi, anyone have any suggestions about what to try if the Global Inbox has stopped “working”?

Dragging a new file into the Inbox in Finder, is not showing up in DT3.
Running DT3 3.8.3, running macOS 12.3.1.
Checked and Global inbox plugin option is greyed out as already installed.

Just moved over to a new Mac, and copied the entire directory over – that might be the issue if it replaced something it shouldn’t have. Any suggestions?

On the new machine, did you in the “Install Add-ins” setup the Global Inbox yet?

Yes – it’s greyed out, and described as “installed”.

Another random idea, “reboot”?

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In the Finder’s sidebar, Control-click the Inbox’s alias, and choose Remove from Sidebar. Then try installing it from DEVONthink’s Install Add-Ons panel again.

Thanks Jim.

Did what you suggested – and closed DT3 after removing from sidebar. Reopened DT3, and could now select the “global inbox” as a plug-in, which I did – and it was reinstalled. Copied out what was in there, to my desktop, then re-copied back into the Finder Inbox – and still none of these “new” files visible in DT3.

However, the giant elephant in the room that I now realise I should have mentioned:

Each time I open DT3, I am given an error message on the “Initial Verification: Inbox.dtBase2”, with the sub-message reading that DT3 has “[f]ound 1 major file errors”, and I must “[p]lease restore the last backup or rebuild the database and verify the contents afterwards!”.

Rebuilding makes no improvement. All my existing files appear to be there, but as mentioned, the new ones aren’t appearing.

As a further aside: When I transferred from the old MBP – I navigated to the ~Library/Devonthink3 folder, copied it in its entirety, navigated to the same folder on the new MBP, and hit paste. So I effectively copied over the “still new” folder on the new MBP, with whatever I had copied in that directory from the old. Not sure if this might be contributing?

i am not sure what is in that folder. My mac not at hand to look. but I suspect root of issue.

See Moving DEVONthink 3 to a new computer - fresh install of everything - #4 by ccornell29 for instructions how to move to a new computer. post by @BLUEFROG summarises. compare with what you did.

I think if i were in your current situation i would uninstall DEVOnthink and then reinstall. simpler than piecemeal repairs. then copy the databases (if not already there, preferably in a sub folder of your user folder and not under ~/Library.).

It’s possible you have a problem with the preferences file.
I’m on the road at the moment or I would post instructions on how to trash the preferences. I think trying to type it while I drive would not only be illegal but insane – LOL

Here’s a post by @cgrunenberg explaining how to trash preferences (just to save @BLUEFROG from having a nasty accident!).



Thank you, my friend @Stephen_C :heart: :slight_smile:

And since I’ve stopped to work and eat some lunch, here are some expanded steps…

  1. Quit DEVONthink.
  2. In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Preferences
  3. Copy the com.devon-technologies.think3.plist to your Desktop.
  4. Open /Applications/Utilities/ and paste: defaults delete com.devon-technologies.think3 and press Return.
  5. Type: exit , press Return and quit Terminal.
  6. Relaunch DEVONthink.
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Thanks Stephen and Jim!

Just to confirm – rebuilding the preferences file, will this set everything back to “default”?
Will keep the Prefs file on my Desktop as backup – just want to understand if this puts everything back as it was, as per a “fresh” install?

I see it does. Ok – still have the prior iteration alive on my previous MBP – so can make a plan, if needs be, to manually adjust/set-up as before.

Regardless, the issue remains.
Also – this little icon next to the Inbox – is that suggesting it is not “editable/writable”? Never seen that before… unless I haven’t been paying attention!

Global inbox

How did you transfer the DEVONthink 3 directory to the new Mac?

I followed the instructions in that post quoted above.

Think I managed to do as suggested.
Stopped syncing old DT3. Installed DT3 on new Mac. Copied DB’s in existing file/folder structure across. Copied the entire container directory (to bring the settings, preferences and inbox over), then started DT3 again. Verified. Checked. Switched on sync.

All appears to be working. 89 odd files not syncing across from DTTG — not sure what that is about, and if related. All other DB’s working aa expected, with no errors. Just the Global Inbox causing issues.

Try doing a File > Rebuild Database on the Global Inbox.
Does that resolve the permissions issue?

This worked, thanks Jim. Dropping “new” files into the Inbox, sees them imported.

Question: Copying my original Prefs file (that I had saved to my desktop earlier) back – do you think that would cause problems again? Seems the fix required a complete rebuild, so hoping it won’t?

Would be convenient doing that, as opposed to making all the adjustments manually again.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t think there will be an issue if you put the prefs back. Just make sure DEVONthink isn’t running before you do.

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