Global Inbox Problem

I am using Devonthink To Go on an iPad 3, syncing with DTPO on my computer. In DTTG, I cannot open the global inbox folder. I know there are files in there, because they are showing up in the recent documents section, but I can’t access the actual inbox. It has crashed repeatedly. I have tried restarting the iPad. Also, when I try to open a pdf in iAnnotate and then open in DTTG, it does not recognize it as being the same file. It also drags horribly. Good reader works as expected, but I do prefer iAnnotate. Any ideas? Thanks!

I have a related problem - the Global Inbox fails to sync (marked as something that should be synced)

In both cases, opening a ticket with Support is recommended.

I am also having a sync problem with my global inbox. It is on my master machine (am doing a direct machine-to-machine sync with DTPro) but it does not appear on my laptop. I have tried t o import it but cannot.

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.