"Global Inbox" vs "Inbox" as names for the standard database

I just try to sync with the new DTTG3. Somehow I cannot get the Global inbox synced.

I observe that in DTTG3 the standard Inbox is call “Global Inbox”, while on my Macs it is just called “Inbox” (and I don’t mean the Inboxes of the different custom database, but just the Inbox of the standard database).

How can I get the Global Inbox from DTTG3 synced to the Inbox on Mac’s DT?

On both DEVONthink ToGo and DEVONthink, check at for the sync location you are using the “Inbox” is checked “on” on both.

Mmmmh, on DT for Mac I have in the following sync preferences for the Inbox:

DT for Mac

On DTTG3 I have:

Does DTTG’s “Global Inbox” map to the “Inbox” on Mac when I sync it?


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Cool. Thanks. Good to know.

Will go ahead and sync away. :slight_smile:

No problem.