Global Inbox?

I am currently trying DEVONthink Pro and I am trying to deal with the Global Inbox. I like the idea, but I want it to go immediately to my current database inbox. Seems to work well enough when I import because I changed the preference in the import pane, but I would like to use the Finder folder but have any items placed in my Global Inbox automagically go to my current database inbox.

Any way to accomplish this? Thanks for humoring a newbie.


No, it’s only possible to send items to the Global Inbox when sending content to a Finder ‘Places’ location, the Inbox.

However, you can add the Inbox(s) and/or group(s) of your databases into the Sorter, by dragging them one at a time into an empty slot. Now you can drag Finder files (as well as clippings from other applications) directly to a chosen location.

Tip: It’s OK to change the name of a database Inbox so that you can distinguish the database to which it belongs.

Great, thanks for the speedy reply Bill.

On a similar note, is there any way to automatically move something that arrives in the global inbox into a database inbox? Similar to setting up a folder action? Via the scripts menu wouldn’t be automatic, but that’d be a step forward. Any ideas? Thanks again.