Global Trash?

In the new public beta, Trash is now appearing for me in the “Globals” section under the inbox instead of within each database. Also, I don’t see a way to empty the trash for an individual database. Is this expected behavior? If it is, can someone explain the advantages of this? It makes more sense to me to have an individual Trash folder in each database.

Hi Karen,
I’ve found that you can delete the global Trash or the database-related trash by using the menu command (“empty trash”). You can select either the db-related trash, or the Global Trash. It works as it should: emptying the global trash deletes every trash, emptying a db-related trash bin just empties that one.

I don’t know why the db-trash was moved to the global trash, though.

To simplify the user interface. One trash. Multiple inboxes are confusing enough :slight_smile:

Yes, but having the trash act differently than the inbox is also confusing. :wink: Darned if you do, darned if you don’t!


Johannes started questioning that in:

Global Inbox and local Inboxes

… but discussion fizzled out after the topic drifted a bit (and not without my help :wink:).