Global vs. Database Inboxes

It might be nothing but I’ve attached two images to help explain what is going on. The second image shows DT with the Global Inbox selected. This is where all my folders reside. The first image shows DT with my ‘home’ database selected - as you can see there are not files or records visible at all. I have DT set to place new items in the inbox of the currently open database. Is something wrong with how I have DT setup? It doesn’t seem right (to me) that I access all my groups and files via the Global Inbox.

It depends in part on how you are importing your data. Are you dragging documents and folders to the Global Inbox in the Finder’s Sidebar, the DEVONthink icon in the Dock, or ?

Technically, the option that I believe you have set is to import to the inbox of the current database.

Current means the database that is currently selected in the application. If you have selected the Global Inbox, then it is ‘current’ and will be the destination for any bookmarklets, Services, and dragging the the DEVONthink icon in the Dock. f you want to import to the Home database, then it will need to be selected first as is shown in your first picture above.

Items added to the Global Inbox in the Finder Sidebar will only go to the Global Inbox of the database.

You can drag everything but the Tags group from the Global Inbox to the Home database to move everything where you want it.

Thank you for the explanation – makes more sense to me now. And you are correct – I did have the preference set to place items in the ‘current’ database. Typically I use the sorter to get new info into DTPO.