Gmail Archive empty folders

I’ve created a a new database with the purpose of Archiving a Gmail workspace email account.
I’ve tagged all the emails (just less than 9000 messages) and those Tags exist in Apple Mail as folders. I ran the Archive Mailbox routine and the messages imported into the [Gmail] folder but the Tag folders are empty.
Is that how it’s supposed to work?

The BigSur.mailbundle is checked in Apple Mail Plug-Ins.
Devonthink 3.9
MacOS 13.3.1

I am also noticing that in a few cases of the 70 messages marked as duplicates, it’s marked messages that have very different subject headings and content.

Are these Tag folders actually smart folders? Or real folders/mailboxes created by you?

What do you mean you tagged them?
You applied a Gmail label? You used MailTags to set tags in Apple Mail?

In MacOS Mail they’re real folders containing messages. They represent the “Labels” (in Gmailspeak). They’re created when you connect a Gmail account in Mail. As you add new labels in Gmail, new folders are created in Mail that match the new labels. Labels act a lot like Devonthink tags in that you can have multiple labels on one message and, in the Gmail web interface, the labels act like smart folders. My guess is that it’s a bit of a kludge on Apple or Gmail’s part to mimic in imap what Gmail is doing in their web interface.
Until JUST NOW, I didn’t know exactly how Mail handled messages with more than one label; did each message appear as a duplicate, once in each label folder? I’ve just done a quick check and it appears that the messages are duplicated into each folder for each label.

FYI - the long term use of this process is that I am frequently working on projects where I am given a corporate email address that I use specifically for that project. Once it wraps, I want to be able to archive the whole mail account into Devonthink, back up the database, and close down the account myself and clear everything off so there’s no orphaned account floating around with privileged information in it. All the organization I have done in Gmail to label issues would be a worthwhile thing to have in the archive.

I saw this response after writing all that above. I think I answered this question though… there are no “tags” anywhere in play, it’s all Gmail Labels.

Thanks for the clarification!

What you are seeing is the expected behavior. You can’t have more than one copy of an email imported into a database. Since there are functionally copies of the same email in each mailbox – one for each GMail label – only one copy of the email is imported. However, this is why this option exists…

Enabling this will import the email and create replicants of those emails in the other mailboxes.

On a side note, see today’s blog post if you’re wondering about replicants…

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That was it. Checked that box, hit archive again, and boom, there they were.
I think this is another leftover of issues related to upgrading to a new laptop and not getting EVERYTHING exactly as I had it on the previous laptop. I thought I copied all the settings and preferences over but there’s still a few things nagging at me. This was one of them.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: