Gmail to Devonthink?

Has anyone figured out an easy way to move gmail messages to Devonthink? I use GMail in my browser. The only option I’ve found is to print the email and save it as a PDF but would love something faster.


I don’t use Gmail so I’m only guessing, but I doubt that there’s another way than what you’re currently doing as a forum search didn’t show a solution for this.

You could try this, but it’s not for browsers

I also use “Save Clip…” in Mailplane to send email messages to DT.

Thanks - I did try out Mailplane. How about if I were to highlight the text of an email - is there a better way to clip it than copying the text and pasting it into the sorter?

As I don’t use Gmail nor Mailplane I guess you’ve asked @amalis. However did you try DEVONthink’s Take Rich Note service?

why not configure mac mail to read your gmail and then import from there into devonthink, e.g. via drag & drop?

@kevin1 I just tried to highlight some text in an email (in Mailplane) and then click the “Save Clip” button. Save Clip still saved the entire email to my DT inbox. However, I just dragged the highlighted text to the sorter and dropped it into my inbox. You may find dragging faster than copying and pasting. Of course, you don’t need Mailplane for that, it’ll work from any program. But I use the “Save Clip” button in Mailplane all the time, it’s a great time saver.

Thank you - I might go back to Mailplane just for this purpose :slight_smile: