"Go To Document" opens global inbox instead of document

“Go to Document” leads me not to the document but to the global inbox. Any known issues with this or should I open a ticket? I could swear I saw it working on my machine a few days ago but right now it doesn’t – not even after restarting DT.

Works here; any way you could post a screen recording of what is happening?

good idea. have done one and sent it in as a support ticket since i don’t want to make it available publicly for privacy reasons.

Hello Paul, I have a similar issue - and was involved in long investigations with supports of Devonthink, of Apple, and of my home institution. No solution until now. In my case, I tried “Show (document) in finder” - but it only opened my user’s folder. From there I would have to run down the long path to the document manually.

The problem appeared after upgrading from Mojave to Big Sur - so, do you work on a Mac and did you upgrade, too? Did your inquiry lead to a better result than mine?

While Go to Document seems to work for me (at least it opens it in a new window), it’s the reveal feature that does something similar here.
Any time I hit cmd+r, DT just selects the database in the sidebar, not the group, let alone the file. Funnily enough, this doesn’t apply to the global inbox where “reveal” works, but any other database.

I was told to either disable „unify inboxes“ or „keep window settings“ (don’t remember the exact names, can look up the mail if it is unclear to you). Both settings I had enabled and disabling either of them solved the problem for me. They also told me that the next maintenance release will fix this.

Thank you. I tried both, it did not help. Thus my issue seems to be something different.

Disabling Unify Inboxes makes the reveal feature work again for me. Nice.