Go to original document from a search / smart group


this is so basic that I am sure I have overlooked something:

When looking at documents in a smart group, I cannot delete it, I have to go to the original group.

There is no command or context menu command “go to original file”. There is no information about where the document is stored in the info panel.

How do I get to the original group??? After a search, there is a path shown below the document name, which helps in these cases.


The menu ‘Data>Reveal’ or Command-R will take you to the original file.

There is, but the Reveal command is faster for what you want to do. The Location field in the info panel shows where it is located, and clicking on the instances field and clicking on the enclosing group will take you to that group. However, the document will not be selected, which is why Reveal works better for your situation.


that was it. In both cases, I just did not see it. A case of too much time spent in front of the Mac?

Thanks a lot,

You have to use Data > Move All Instances to Trash for search/smart group results.



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