Go to page number in PDF view

Could I request that the ability to jump to a particular page in a PDF document be added? Ideally it could be part of the toolbar, or alternatively it could be in the pages drawer.

thanks, Danny

Oh yes, please! I always thought I had missed something, because it seems not possible.

Scrolling the sidebar and picking a page is just not really quick in longer PDFs…

I second these sentiments…

I enthusiastically third these sentiments.

I wrote the following AppleScript which does this job :smiley: :

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	display dialog "New Pdf page number:" default answer "" buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} default button 2
	set the newPageNumber to text returned of the result
	set the devonThinkNumber to newPageNumber - 1
	tell think window 1
		set devonThinkuuid to the uuid of content record of current tab
		set RecordLink to the reference URL of content record of current tab
		set linkToNewPageNumber to RecordLink & "?page=" & devonThinkNumber
		set thinkWindowName to devonThinkuuid & "?page=" & devonThinkNumber
		open tab for think window 1 URL linkToNewPageNumber
	end tell
	close think window named thinkWindowName
end tell

The help file (for DTPO) suggests that there’s a box to enter page numbers. Maybe this was an intended feature that was not implemented (or deleted in v2 - I don’t remember what v1 did).

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thanks for the script, I’ll check it out. Interesting though that it should be there according to the help menu. Any word from the developers on this?

I would love to see this feature too

If you choose View > PDF Display > Sidebar (click on “Sidebar” to check it), a scrollable view of page icons will be added. Click on the desired page icon to display that page.

Another good use of the page icon sidebar is this: Command-click on a desired page icon and choose the contextual menu option, “Copy Page Link”. The Page Link can now be pasted into a rich text note as a clickable hyperlink to that page of the PDF.

Bill, thanks for that little command-click trick, that is cool. But your answer is not answering the problem. It isn’t fun to scroll a 300 page doc of thumbnails. I’d like to just type in “39” to go to the page, like in Preview

The upcoming version 2.0.7 will include the possibility to go to a page by entering its number.


I might be missing something, but when I copy a page link and paste it into an annotation (RTF), all I get is a link to the document.

The solution Bill proposes here < bit.ly/dYwA97 > seems to be the only way to get to a specific part of a PDF or any other document. Is that right?

Michael U.

Copying a page link and pasting it into a RTF document should give you a link to the specific page in the document. The link will look something like this:


while links to the document (Copy Item Link) will look something like:


Edit one of the page links that you have pasted and see if it has the ‘?page=x’ suffix.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that DEVONthink calculates the page numbers beginning with ‘0’, so the actual page in the PDF that I copied above was page 3. If you edit links manually to change a page number, make the number one less than the page in the document.

Something very odd and inexplicable is happening for me.

When I control-click and select “Copy Page Link,” then go to an RTF in DTPO (like an Annotation), then command-V to paste, I get only this:


Which just opens the PDF.

But when I open the same RTF in Word, or navigate to any other place, and command-V, I get the specific-page link like this:


Any ideas why?


Does this happen consistently with many different PDFs or just occasionally? I ask because I’ve never had a problem with the process you describe, which I use extensively to make page links. Right-click the “FIlename.pdf” link in your RTF and choose “Edit Link” from the contextual menu - what do you see?

Very good point. The actual link is the longer form, like this:


Which gets me where I need to go.

The odd thing seems to be that DTPO is replacing that long-form link with the filename alone. But the link takes me to the specific page I want, so all’s well.

Thank you!


What you are seeing is what I could consider the desirable behavior to handle file links and the link name. Some applications support this format, while others do not. If you paste that link into a TextEdit document, you’ll see the same thing that you see in DEVONthink.