Going from Paperless to Devonthink Pro office

ok, I currently use Paperless by Mariner, for scanning receipts, Credit card stmts, bank stmts., utilities bills, etc. They call their folders,-collections.

I’m considering buying the Pro office since I also have a scansnap 1500m. I have been looking through the forum tying to learn as much as I can. I’m so use to setting up folders and trying to understand using Devonthink where you have one database and then have groups. So would I set up groups such as Financial, and then subgroups for Bank stmts, credit card stmts, etc or would I need to setup additional subgroups under cc for VISA, MC, AmExpress, etc? I’m trying to understand what kind of other groups I would need. Would I be using a few general groups or would I have say over a dozen groups and then subgroups under them?

Any pointers would help.

St Louis

Why wouldn’t you just set up groups in DT that match the same structure as the collections you have in Paperless? Folders, groups, collections… it’s all the same business.