Going in circles

Hi there! Brand new to Devonthink, just got my scanner and the drivers installed. Opened Devonthink and the window open on launch talks about setting your scanner up to work with DT and the link brought me to the site, which then told me to go back to the app but I have yet to find the tutorial for how to set up my scanner to work with the app…

Welcome to the forum and DEVONthink.

For integrating your scanner, at this point, best you look in the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook”, available at the link below. Even if you have a scanner brand that does not “integrate”, you can still scan and then import those files into DEVONthink. Page 70 of the 3.9.2 version of the Handbook. Also in “Help”.

I figured it out with the handbook, although I’m having multiple scanner issues. Since this forum was about the site, I thought it was worth noting that the tutorial from the app sent me here, which sent me back to the app without pointing me in the correct direction. Thanks!

The link on the last page of the tutorial? That sends you to our page where you can download a manual, i.e., the link @rmschne posted above.

It did not. Last night when I was trying to open a tutorial, it sent me to the DT site, which sent me back to the app. All I can tell you is that its working differently today :sweat_smile:

“It” or “someone” :slight_smile: Glad it’s working well. Welcome, and enjoy DEVONthink!


Thanks! I wish I could figure out my workflow though…

Welcome to the DTP forum and community.

Please refrain from opening multiple threads for the same issue; I noticed you have created two threads concerning your scanning problems. For reference, please see Scanning Issues.

Additionally, consider using more descriptive titles for your posts. The title “Going in circles” does not effectively convey the subject of your query.


Hi! I understand the confusion. This initial post was due to the site referring me to a tutorial in the app that I was not able to access at at the time. I was given a screen with a link that would then bring me back to the site. I’m able to access the tutorials now. The second post was because of the scanning issues mentioned in the post. I hope that clears up any confusion. Thanks!

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