Good option for editing "formatted note" format on iOS?

I’m exploring the use of the “formatted note” format, and was wondering whether anyone has found a good external editor for that format on iOS. The built-in editor in DEVONthink To Go is usable, but certain basic things like bold/italic/etc are awkward to accomplish and in general I find myself doing a lot of tap this, wait for a pop-up menu, tap that, move the cursor here, etc. Maybe there’s an external editor that could be used using the Share feature in iOS, to edit them a little bit more conveniently? It wouldn’t need to be very powerful or feature-complete, just a little bit better than the built-in editor. I’m mostly concerned about using it from an iPhone (so, no keyboard), rather than an iPad.

No problem with the basic functions (limited)
I use the Textastic app for access to the markup code

Note we are hard at work on a greatly improved editor
That should make rich text content much nicer to work with. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


OMG thank you for mentioning this. This news is extremely timely: this has just helped me make a decision about a collaboration problem i’ve been trying to solve for (literally) hours yesterday and today.

You’re welcome.
Do note: I cannot say when but I can say the internal tests look really good so far.