Goodreader annotations "as is" not surviving the sync back

Hello all,

Apologies if this has already been raised - I searched for “flattened”, and came up with nothing.

I still prefer Goodreader to annotate my PDFs, given how it handles my need for quickly changing specific highlighting colours.

In the past - and certainly with DTTG1, once edited in Goodreader, I would export the PDF “as is” back to DTTG1, to sync back to DTPO.

This is no longer working as it used to, and would be very appreciative of anyone testing the below on their preferred PDF Annotation app, to see if this is a Goodreader, DTTG2, DTPO or macOS (as I suspect) issue.

What has changed:

a.) When I send my annotated PDF back to DTTG2, using “as is”, I can see the various annotated ‘notes’ inside DTTG2, and am able to tap on them, which opens up to reveal the content of that annotated note.

When I sync back to DTPO - these annotated notes have simply disappeared - and are nowhere to be found.

b.) When I send my annotated PDF back to DTTG2, as a “flattened” PDF, it works.

I’ve never done this before, so I am unclear what it used to look like before - but it now places the contents of my annotated notes in a type of “endnote” list, at the end of the document.

A very useful touch is that there are now active bi-directional ‘links’ between the ‘endnote’ section, and the icons at their respective places in the PDF article.

Furthermore, the contents of my annotated notes, since they are now ‘part of’ the content of the PDF itself, are searchable by DTPO, which is a massive bonus, and something I have had to get creative with in the past, to work around.

The negative of the above, is since the annotations are now “flattened”, they cannot be edited – or moved – with the latter being problematic in that it appears the icons are prone to occasionally covering the underlying PDF text, if there is insufficient border space [Note: in Goodreader, these are moved off to the sides, and do not overlap any text - but back in DTTG2 and then DTPO, some automatic ‘cropping’ of borders appears to take place.]

I can live with the above, but would still appreciate the option to use “as is”, as opposed to “flattened”, since there might be times when the one would be preferable to the other, for whatever reason.

That all said, I initially mentioned that I believe this might be a macOS Sierra issue, since when I bypass DTTG2 and DTPO altogether, and Airdrop the PDF from Goodreader to my Mac, to open in Preview, the same thing happes.
“As is” annotation notes are nowhere to be seen on the main page - but curiouslyare visible on the thumbnail of that particular page in the sidebar!

Am I missing something blindingly obvious in terms of a view or something that must now be activated to be able to “see” those annotated notes - or is this something that others are experiencing as well?

DEVONthink on 10.11.6, everything else on current releases (DEVONthink, DTTG2, iOS): no issues. Sync up to DTTG, roundtrip to GoodNote (annotations added there), sync down to DEVONthink. Nothing is lost.

There’s an emoji for Sierra – but it is not appropriate for pleasant company.

Sigh, Sierra, sigh. Thanks korm. Will wait things out then.

As an aside - I vaguely recall you also sending Goodreader files back “as is”?
Have you ever tried the “flattened” approach - does it drop your annotations at the end of the PDF, with bi-directional links between them and their initial notes inside the PDF? And are they searchable?

Just curious as to whether this is new, or if it’s been like that all along?

Yes + yes + yes + yes.

I don’t use flattened though. I don’t see the value in spending time annotating and then making the annotations un-editable.

Apologies for reviving this - I was not sure if I should rather start a new topic, but my current query is related hereto…

As is hopefully clear from the above, my initial question was regarding what had now changed i.r.o. annotating in Goodreader, and having those new annotations transfer back to DTPO.

What I had failed to appreciate (I’ve been doing plenty of new work of late - have only now starting diving back into older annotated material), is that it appears as if all of my previously annotated notes - done inside Goodreader - are also not displaying properly.

Before, clicking on an annotated sticky-note, had a pop-up appear that quickly displayed the text.
At least - that’s how I remember it working. 8) (Not so trusting of the memory these days!)

Now, nothing happens.
Opening it in Preview - and the icons aren’t even visible! :open_mouth:
(They are in PDFPenPro).

Instead, back in DTPO - I am forced to select the “text” option in the toolbar, and then click on the sticky-note icon, to open up the editing window.
Here, I am able - thankfully - to view the pop-up text… But this is obviously not ideal.

I’m trying to work-out if this is a Goodreader issue, or is another issue related to the many problems surrounding PDFs in macOS…

Anyone else seeing this, with annotations ‘notes’ created elsewhere?
Is this how things are going to remain, or is there a likelihood of things being returned to how they were?

As things are now: clicking on the icon reveals nothing.
DTPO_Post Sierra_Annotation icon.png

The corner of the “editing window”:
DTPO_Post Sierra_Annotation popup.png