Goodreader + Dropbox + Hazel

This workflow moves a file (document) from Goodreader to Devonthink (global Inbox):
-Create folder “Inbox DT” (or any name) in Dropbox.
-Goodreader: create folder Inbox DT syncronized with the same folder of Dropbox.
-Create Hazel action folder for Inbox DT: this action move files to Inbox (the folder Inbox in user/library/aplication suport/Devonthik2/Inbox)
-Goodreader: move any document to Inbox DT.
In addition, any document placed in the Inbox DT folder in Dropbox on any remote computer will be moved to Devonthink.

Thank you for posting this workflow.

For what cases would you use this method rather than Open In > DEVONthink [DTTG] on the iOS device, then synching DTTG to the desktop?

When I capture the information directly into the iPad, via mail and others. Goodreader is not expensive and is useful to read a pdf and highlight it.

With the latest update to Dropbox, one could eliminate the GoodReader step. Dropbox now appears in the list of applications from the ‘Open In…’ command. Also, for anyone not using Hazel, I believe attaching the DEVONthink Automator folder action to the folder in Dropbox will also automatically import the document(s) into DEVONthink.