GoodReader, Round-tripping to DTTG and DTP

I can’t seem to get the PDFs I store in DTTG (synced with the Mother Ship) to come back into DTTG with highlights and notes after editing in GoodReader.

What I want to do (and the reason I bought DTTG) is:

  1. Search DTTG for the appropriate PDF

  2. Open, Read and Modify the PDF in GoodReader

  3. Return the PDF to DTTG

  4. Sync the revised, annotated PDF to the desktop DTP

Perhaps I’m fumbling? Thanks for any insights, suggestions.

If you have a chance, read the workflow that I published in this thread for iAnnotate. The steps are similar in GoodReader. In GR you click the right-side “Manage Files” menu and the Manage Files button there. On the left side, click the name of the doc that DTTG sent to GR. The name will be a long series of numbers. (The other thread explains why.) Then, back on the right side of the GR screen select Open In and then select DTTG from the dropdown menu that will appear. You might need to scroll down in that menu.

You can then sync back to the mothership. Note: you won’t see the annotations in DTTG, but they will be there. Again, the other thread explains why.

Thanks, korm, very helpful link to the iAnnotate thread. I actually have both on my iPad. You convinced me to use GoodReader! :laughing:

Appreciate your quick help.

Good karma to you!

Perhaps things have changed in the time since this thread was originally written, but this is no longer working for me. I can do an “open in” from within DTTG and open a PDF in either the Adobe reader or GoodReader. The return trip is not working as well. After annotation I can indeed do an “open in” and open it in DTTG. But it goes into the global inbox, and I cannot find a way to make it go anywhere else. Nor can I find a way to move it from the global inbox into the proper database. Furthermore, when I sync the names are all messed up. As noted in the above thread a complex internal name is being used. That does not go away at all. Forcing me to manually rename files. I am not sure what I have done differently, but moving files in and out of DTTG is not working nearly as smoothly as indicated in the above thread. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong. As far as I can tell I’m following the directions.

I just tried this and had no problem:

From DTTG → Open In Good Reader → Annotate in Good Reader ==> From Good Reader → Open In DTTG ==> Sync to Desktop

The file opens in Good Reader with an obscure filename – do not change the name in any way. When the new version is sent back from Good Reader to DTTG the old version in DTTG is replaced by the new version. The old version’s original name is not modified. IOW, the obscurely-named, intermediate, version does not appear in DTTG (Global Inbox or otherwise).

Not possible with the current version of DTTG.

We are clearly doing something different. My test file is a file in my “Current Events” database. I have it—the file— replicated (linked?) to the mobile sync folder. I sync it to DTTG and it appears in that database. I open it in GoodReader and make a few annotations, and then open it via “open in” DTTG. It comes back with the funky name and goes into the Gen. Inbox. It doesn’t go back into the database it came from. So unfortunately, because of something I’m doing differently, I don’t get your behavior at all. Could you please look over my procedure and see if you can spot where I am doing something different from you? Thank you! Cheers!

I think I found the answer. After you have edited the PDF in GoodReader, you have to completely get out of it, almost as if you were going to edit another file. Once you do that and then do as you have indicated, it does work peachy keen. I was doing the “open in” step without fully closing the PDF I was editing. This did not cause me to lose my edits, so I did not perceive the problem initially. But if you do not close it, my problem appears. If you fully close it, it works exactly like you said. Cheers!