Google Chrome Deep Linking

Google Chrome Deep Linking is a really helpful feature to bookmark a specific location inside any static website

Any chance this could work in Bookmarked pages viewed in DT3?

I suspect you will say that is not possible because you use the same engine that Safari uses for displaying web pages.

For this reason and others, is there any way the browser used to within DT3 could be user-selectable or is that not feasible technologically?

No you cannot choose the browser in DEVONthink and that would certainly add a lot of development and support suporting that.

And no, this is not a WebKit supported feature. Development would have to assess if some future implementation was feasible and broadly desirable.

Oh well

I guess Launching it externally with Chrome will work instead

Is there any way for that to happen automatically on a per-document basis, i.e. normally displaying bookmarks or documents in Devonthink but attaching a script or some other way so that for specific files the system external app would automatically be launched when viewing the item?

Or some other way to remind me which links use this feature? I guess maybe I could write a script which pops up a Javascript alert and offers to open the item in Chrome?