google docs and gmail support

Any plans to provide google docs support? So indexing the files and recommending them based on current file content (including a google doc)?

Similar question for gmail. Would like to see recommended files/emails based on the current gmail thread.


There are currently no such plans. Only local documents are indexed (if either the file format is supported or if there’s a Spotlight mdimporter plugin for the format available)

While I think DT is missing out on an opportunity, I do wonder if there is some way to hack something together.

In particular, is there a way to setup a DT doc text for indexing that is different from the URL that is used to display the doc? So the text would be used for indexing, but when I click on it the web page would be displayed.

I could use that with the Google Docs API to create/update DT docs with the Google Doc’s link, and text I pulled through the Google Doc API.

The only idea coming to my mind is to create an HTML page containing invisible text for indexing and e.g. frames for displaying the desired web pages but I wouldn’t recommend that actually.