Google docs as webarchives?

I didn’t find a clean way to keep in-devonthink-yet-updatable copies of Google Docs, aka webarchives of Google Docs.

Yet a webarchive of a google doc returns either a login form if the doc is not publicly shared or a messed up version of Google Doc editing UI if it is.

I looked at all threads in this forum and tried many things yet couldn’t reach a satisfactory level: a point where DT allows me to easily grab a in-devonthink-yet-updatable copy of a Google Doc.

I wonder if there would be a solution to this.


You can create a Bookmark in DT3 to any Google Doc or Sheet and it will be viewable and editable inside DT3.

If you want an offline or archived version so it is “in DT3” then you can export it from Google Docs or Sheets to a PDF and then import the PDF to DT3.

Google doesn’t allow for this kind of capture easily (for whatever reasons of their own).

Is it possible for Devonthink to automatically grab a bookmark (instead of a link) for Google docs and sheets so that they are viewable within Devonthink. I’m probably mistaken, but automating this rather than requiring me to do it manually for thousands of gsuite docs seems like a very doable solution.

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There are numerous apps which will let you mount your Gdrive as a volume in your finder. - Expandrive is one of many such apps.

I just tried it with Expandrive and you can “Select All” or otherwise highlight a bunch of documents in your Gdrive and drag them into DT3. They are then imported as bookmarks which view directly in DT3.

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@DNG you might want to have a look at GitHub - benoitpointet/devonthink-googledrive-snapshot which I actually coded after starting this thread.

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Clever script - can you clarify how the "[^/]{32,52}" Regex search pattern works:

set gDocID to regex search once bookmarkURL search pattern "[^/]{32,52}"

It captures the doc id based on the assumption that the id is the only section of the url that is between 32 and 52 non ´/´chars.

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