Google, Google (pdf), Qwant, and Yandex plugins not working?

I am completely new to DEVONagent (just got hooked on DEVONthink and thought DEVONagent sounded like a powerful partner as well) and I am starting to get a hang of it. However, I have had trouble getting any results back and have been looking for posts to understand what I am doing wrong. After a while I started to search using particular search engines and it seems like the plugins for Google, Google (pdf), Qwant, and Yandex are actually not working. I do get results for the other included search engines, but not for these. Are they working for anyone?

Correction: Now Google and Google (pdf) plugins work, but still not Want and Yandex (which I don’t normally use anyway). I am not sure what is happening…

Qwant isn’t working in any browser here.
I see no issue with Yandex, in DEVONagent or a standalone browser.

It is so strange. Now Yandex is working here too… I wonder what is unstable in my setup? Perhaps the user :slight_smile:

Haha! Perhaps :wink:

Is Qwant working in a browser?

Yes, it works fine in Safari.

Ahh… they’re using JavaScript in Qwant. That’s causing the issue.

Is there any way to make a plugin that works in such settings? I would like to make plugins for different scientific databases (like Scopus) and it seems like some of them (like Scopus) may use javascript…

JavaScript-based engines are not currently supported. This may be a feature in a future release.

Fingers crossed

Support for JavaScript-based engines would be a great thing. The lack of this capability becomes a greater weakness as time goes on. I love DevonAgent nevertheless.

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Plugins can already use XML/JSON output too in addition to HTML-based results. But doing such plugins is even more complicated than doing plugins for HTML results as you first have to figure out the necessary URL, the used format and whether it might be usable.

Just tested the Qwant plugin successfully (also via Window > Plug-Ins)

Interesting. This is what I’m seeing in the Log tab…

As long as it’s not a geo blocking issue a screenshot of Preferences > Search and Preferences > Web might be useful too.

Still working fine over here using the same settings and searching for test

And you’re seeing the domain in the Log too?

Yes, same URL.

Strange. Thanks.