Google news archive plugin???

I want to write a plugin for the new Google News Archive Search but never wrote one before. I was thinking of just copying the Google Scholar plugin but replacing the URLS with the ones for Google News Archive.

Will that work or can I be lazy and convince the devs to do the modifications for me? Should take no time for them ( hint hint):

When I adapted the existing Google plugin for Google Patent it was a relatively trivial affair. You may only need to change the detection of LinkStart and LinkEnd.

I have been trying to modify various plugins but I am having a problem. I have been saving the modifications to the plugins folder in the DA package and the first couple of times, DA recognized the new plugin but then it stopped. Now. no matter what I do, the new plugin doesn’t show up in the DA list of plugins within the program. I am tried saving both with Text Edit and various word processors using UTF8 encoding with no luck.

What am I doing wrong?

Don’t edit it in the DA package itself but put them your in Home Folder > Library > Application Support > DEVONagent > Plugins. That is a better place to edit them in and will hopefully work better.
Also make sure to change the version number if you edit an existing plugin, that should make sure it gets loaded instead of an existing one.