Google News plugin returns few/no results

I am wondering if anyone else is encountering this issue:
I was searching for news articles related to a modestly complex query:

(Canadia* OR Canada) AND Ontario AND (recycl* OR "Blue Box")

Using the Google News plugin returned no results.

I thought this was interesting because if I type

ontario blue box

into I get a decent number of results (see: … id=CA%3Aen)

I tried a simpler query in DEVONagent and just typed “Canada”, which would most assuredly return at least some results (Canada is reasonably newsworthy at times!). DEVONagent returned one result for

Has anyone else noticed the Google News plugin returning zero, or few results that are mostly irrelevant?

As far as I know the plugin is completely unmodified from how it is installed.

The plugin needs an update, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Ok, phew, I thought i was going crazy!

@cgrunenberg It seems to be outdated again. Tonight I ran a query for a politician’s name and got back 1 result, even though they’ve been mentioned thousans of times in the last couple of weeks.

Just tried this and it seems to be working as expected. What kind of query did you use, did you run multiple queries concurrently?