Google Reader anyone?

I have a great collection of interesting articles that I have starred in Google Reader that I would like to import into DevonThink for future reference for articles, etc. Has anyone found a good way to import this information from a feed reader such as Google Reader.


only one-by-one. After I drag and drop the google reader URL into DT, you can select the starred feeds and create a rtf memo (or just import via safari).

The problem starts when you want to import the feed articles as individual files, and have the file names set to the first line. In the scripting forum, user kalisphoenix has written a script that splits plain text files on certain delimeters, but currently I do not see a way to automatically split up rtf text.

If you’re using DT Pro, you can import them at once with the Feed script.

  • Go into google reader Settings, under “Tags” tab, make your starred page public.
  • View the public page, find the RSS link, add ?r=n&n=1000 (I used 2000 as I had more than 1k) behind it (see ref)
  • Run the “New Feed” script to fetch them all down at once (going to take a short while)
  • Convert all of them to Rich text afterwards if you like

If you’ve lots of hours to kill, you can get the “convert to Webarchive” script from Academy , highlight them all and let it fetch the whole article/page for you. Though great, be warned it’s awfully long (mine took about 8 hours for approx. 2k entries), and DT Pro won’t be usable in the mean time.

Ref: … -into.html

whow, that’s clever! Never thunk of that! Thanks!